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Day Five: The Scenic Route

Travelling from Steenderen to Nunspeet via Utrecht

sunny 13 °C
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Glorious sunny day today as we packed up, hopefully making sure that everything was secured and found the Provincial roads that could take us to Utrecht, the idea being to be able to stop along the way for our lunch. I filmed and snapped photos from my vantage point in the passenger seat of the camper. I’m testing to see which works better when photographing while driving, my camera or my iPad. I won’t be able to check the camera till we return home but so far the iPad does a great job with video clips.

We travelled through Renkum, Wageningen stopping just in Elst, by the side of the Nederrijn. There was a ferry boat taking cars, bikes and walkers across and bringing others to our side of the river.


Back and forth he went. Without fuss, a few more would be ready to cross by the time he came back. We ate our brood in the camper looking out on the beautiful river scene - this is the life. There were many quarries along the river and there was one directly across from where we parked, with large trucks coming and going. After this, we turned around and headed for Utrecht and my session of Light therapy.[/float]

It all went so smoothly, that I bought us a special ‘natural’ ice cream from the shop at St Antonius. We sat near by the highway to enjoy them before heading onto the highway and going north to Nunspeet, and a Camp called Camperplaats De Zwaan, part of a group of camps called Bij ons.

11_20 Landlust Bij Ons

11_20 Landlust Bij Ons

11_20 Nearing Nunspeet

11_20 Nearing Nunspeet

We pulled in just after dark at 5:20pm. It is strange exploring a camp site when there it is night time. It was a cute site in the village. The owners also ran the Toy Shop. They were very strict about the hygiene and so no doing dishes or washing clothes or brushing teeth inside and the shower was 50cents which was a bigger problem as how do you find or get the correct change? But, the toilet block etc was lovely and warm and looked very new. It was quiet and this time there were only 2 others there when we arrived. It was going to be a cold night as the sky was very clear.

11_20 Arriving De Zwaan

11_20 Arriving De Zwaan

After the business of the day we both spent several hours reading quietly.

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